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- Wildlife paintings for those who appreciate the details of nature -

Nature painting on themes, bereaved, from my immediate environment in kenya. My paints are acrylic & oil paint on canvas, meticulously done, with much attention to the detail. Since my work is based on themes from the rural community, I have strongly felt that I owe much to my people. The stresses of poverty reflected on canvas in painting have created a deep desire to help in my own way to alleviate the poverty among my people. Below are two of the charities that I help with my proceeds

Realism Art - Elephant in the WildRealism Art - Cub in the WildRealism Art - Lion & Lioness in the Wild

A standard 10% proceeds from my work is devoted to the following causes:
  • Chavakali Children's Home
  • Goibel Orphanage

  • Impressionist Art - Other Artists Contributions




    - African way of life brought to the canvas, though impressionist art -

    African Impressionist Art - Ladies Of EsteemAfrican Impressionist Art - Colorful WomenAfrican Impressionist Art - Reverse Psychology

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