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- How Grace E. Mugala became Asante African Art -

Grace E. Mugala was born in the Vihiga district, which is in western province in Kenya. Grace learned how to draw from her elder brother. He used charcoal, then later began to draw using a pencil. She began by copying him. Later, she started painting. It was in high school that Grace went into serious painting. In college she was introduced into western art, where she learned the techniques. Grace had to develop her own style to become the artist that she has now become.

Asante African Memories - Realism Artwork

Like many other artists, Grace is inspired by the rich culture embedded in the serene, & fabulous environment that makes Kenya a unique place for one to tour. She captures human & wildlife activity that is rare. All of her paintings are based on real life situations in humans & wildlife in their natural habitation. Grace's greatest inspiration centers on the African woman. It's the focal point of all economic activities of rural africa, thus deserves a larger space on any African canvas.

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