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Click her to view Asante African Memories Photo Gallery

- Directions Below for the Slideshow -

To start the slideshow, click the arrow on the top image of the slideshow homepage. Once the slideshow starts, If you rollover the top of the page a menu will appear. These are the menu buttons that control the slideshow. If you rollover these buttons it will list what they do.

The UP Arrow takes you back to the slideshow homepage. There is a slidebar to view the thumbnails on the homepage, if you click on one of the paintings from this page it will show you the enlarged painting. The four arrows in a box will size the image to the page. The ' i ' in a circle will show captions, if we have captions. The - - - (3 dashes) will show the thumbnails at the top of the page. The " (2 lines) will stop the autoplay and display the right arrow, which will once again start the autoplay of the slideshow.

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